Our experience includes working with government departments and top 100 companies in the retail, hospitality and leisure industries across Europe and Asia, from one-off initiatives to long-term programmes.

We’ll help you achieve your business goals by tapping into our network of talented associates, who can bring practical and creative minds, with fresh ideas and workable solutions to your organisation.

We’ll support the work that we do for you with an innovative use of project management, communication and people development tools, backed by an imaginative use of digital technologies that’ll help you add depth and impact to the way that you create sustainable change.

Our straightforward approach to our work, our clear management process and our open cost structure mean that you know what we will deliver, when we will deliver it and what it will cost.

Our values

We have three core values that we’ll keep at the heart of our working relationship with you.


We’ll work ethically with you to develop trust, openness and honesty


We value diversity, creating relaxed and rewarding working environments with you


We’ll develop ground-breaking solutions that’ll help you create sustainable change







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