Our clients

We have worked with a wide range of leading organisations in UK and China.


Our broad range of experience, knowledge and capability can help you to create sustainable change and to achieve your business goals.

Here is a series of examples that illustrate some of our team’s many achievements in supporting organisations to plan, implement and sustain change.

Objective: Support staff through redundancy

Solution: Interactive information DVD

Objective: Improve understanding of employee benefits

Solution: Internal communications programm

Objective: Communicate change in the press

Solution: UK media management

Objective: Enhance operational performance

Solution: Bespoke performance management training

Objective: Improve sales-management process

Solution: Enabling operational changes

Objective: Redefine a company-wide training brand

Solution: Corporate training consultancy

Objective: Relocate business units and redeploy displaced staff

Solution: Manage business migration, retrain staff and oversee recruitment freeze

Objective: Improve retail experience and create customers for life

Solution: Customer satisfaction programme

Objective: Increase stock availability in store and reduce losses

Solution: Change theft prevention measures







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