3 Salesforce Connectors for QuickBooks Users

Organizations that use both Salesforce and QuickBooks can reap the benefits of using a Salesforce connector to integrate these two business-critical apps. Salesforce connectors for QuickBooks allow businesses of all shapes and sizes to streamline their finances with integration apps. Take a look at some Salesforce connectors for QuickBooks users that are offered on Salesforce AppExchange.

Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks

The Salesforce Connector by QuickBooks app allows users of QuickBooks Online Advanced to connect their Salesforce and QuickBooks accounts. The app is designed to give users real-time access to their Salesforce and QuickBooks information – including business and cash flow information.

The goal of this connector is to make accounting, invoicing, and payment information consistent between both apps. It offers features including automated reminders and reconciliation and the ability to send custom reminders for invoices due. Ultimately, the connection enables payments to reflect in both Salesforce and QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Breadwinner for QuickBooks

With its five-star rating on the Salesforce AppExchange, Breadwinner for QuickBooks (breadwinner.com/quickbooks-salesforce/) is a Salesforce Lightning and mobile-ready app that offers a robust, two-way integration solution. Users working with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop, including Enterprise, can connect Salesforce with their QuickBooks app.

For installation and configuration, Breadwinner offers a managed package that allows businesses to get up and running quickly. Once installed, businesses can rely on the two-way live sync feature to ensure data in Salesforce accurately reflects the information in QuickBooks. Breadwinner also includes invoice creation from multiple sources and invoice status tracking with support for both accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Dotsquares QuickBooks Synchronizer

With its focus on giving QuickBooks users the ability to sync data from Salesforce to QuickBooks, Dotsquares QuickBooks Synchronizer offers instant sync, scheduled syncing, and mapping integration features.

These features allow users to manage sales, track bills and expenses, view reporting insights, and obtain details for both current and past due invoices. In addition, users can either sync immediately or schedule syncing for a specific time of day.