Accounting of sales and financial data using QuickBooks can be enhanced by tying this software to the CRM capabilities of Salesforce. Doing so can create the most accurate picture possible of what’s happening with client invoices and orders.

Integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks using Breadwinner for QuickBooks can keep your company up to date on what’s happening with all your clients’ accounts, including the statuses of orders and payments. Using this solution even provides knowledge of a client’s overall financial health, based on accounts receivable data.

Two key ways a QuickBooks and Salesforce integration achieves:

  • Secure operations. Users can choose to handle accounting data with either read-only or read-write permissions, making the Salesforce native app in Breadwinner secure.
  • Two-way sync. Bi-directional syncing of data in the solution means changes made in Salesforce are updated in QuickBooks in just minutes.

The need to check and re-check accounting data entered manually can get time-consuming for finance departments. PlaySpace Designs, a Breadwinner for QuickBooks customer, found that it could quickly and simply move information already developed in Salesforce, with no extra costs or hassles, said Morgan Selph, president of PlaySpace.

By integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce, users of Breadwinner for QuickBooks also get these capabilities:

  • A secure single source of truth. Different teams can securely access the same data from a single consistent source.
  • Ability to track QuickBooks invoices. The solution shows views of invoice statuses, making it easier to accelerate payments.
  • Easy creation of QuickBooks records in Salesforce. A guided function simplifies this task.

Breadwinner’s solution integrates QuickBooks and Salesforce efficiently and accurately, producing consistent data and tracking capabilities that would otherwise be impossible to get.

Breadwinner for QuickBooks is available in the Salesforce AppExchange. The solution works with all variations of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Enterprise. You can schedule a demo with the company and also get a free trial.